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You love quality Howies textile hockey tapes, so this mix of tapes will be the most advantageous for you. Only Howies tape guarantees this, thanks to the highest number of fibers per centimeter of tape in combination with excellent adhesive. What makes this tape exceptional is the quality of its production.

A high-density cotton blend was used for the production – exactly 68 fibers per square centimeter. In translation, this means that the tape is woven so densely that it just lasts and doesn’t tear. More fabric equals more protection for your blade and also better control over the puck.

The tape perfectly resists moisture and snow formation on the blade. Howies has developed a special “aggressive” adhesive that is applied to the fibers of the tape very thoroughly and evenly during production. This ensures that the tape does not tend to peel off and holds beautifully.

If you need to further improve the properties of our tape, use our blade wax.